AFTER weeks of campaigning, hustings and TV debates, the SNP will be announcing the winner of the leadership contest on Monday afternoon from Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh.

For the first time in eight years, the party will have a new face at the helm in the shape of Ash Regan, Humza Yousaf or Kate Forbes following the shock departure of Nicola Sturgeon last month.

The National’s journalists will be working hard all day to make sure you know the result as soon as it is announced, alongside all the build-up, reaction and gossip behind the scenes.

Don’t miss a moment

The National will be running a live blog throughout the day which will ensure you are kept right up to date as anticipation builds ahead of the ballot closing at noon.

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We’re expecting the result to be announced at around 2pm.

The big reveal

Once we know who has won the contest, you will know. We will put out a breaking news story the second the result is revealed.

We'll have pictures and videos coming in live from Murrayfield - and later all the inside scoop on what went on inside the room.

We’ll then be gathering you plenty of reaction from across Scotland and the Yes movement and we will, of course, let you know what the UK Government has to say. Reporters will be out getting vox pops from the public shortly after the result comes in to get the people’s view.

We’ll publish the winner’s full speech after it’s given but for those of you a bit too busy on a Monday afternoon to read through all that, don’t worry, as we will lay out the key points for you too.

The inside story

Our political journalist Abbi Garton-Crosbie will be covering the event for The National from Murrayfield and will be bringing you the inside story of the day later on.

We’ll also have an inside story of the leadership campaign, looking back on a whirlwind few weeks for the party.

Who will be in the Cabinet?

One of the first jobs of the new first minister will be to choose who will be in their Government. Although the SNP leader will not automatically become FM – this has to be approved by the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday – it is extremely likely this will happen quickly.

We’ll sum up for you the main runners and riders for key Cabinet positions including health, education and finance.

Live from The National HQ and Murrayfield

For those of you wondering how the day is going down for Team National, we'll be running livestreams on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube throughout the day from Murrayfield and our newsroom.

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Do feel free to hit us with your questions and opinions when we go live. 

Columnists offer their take

Our columnists will be bringing you their thoughts on the winner of the contest and what the result could mean for Scotland going forward.

Look out for Kevin McKenna, Kelly Given, Assa Samake Roman, Gerry Hassan, Ruth Wishart and more giving their analysis on the new leader.

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