MARTIN Compston revealed he was once featured in the news after a robbery.

The 38-year-old Line of Duty actor recalled a time when he was at his local pool and lost his locker key.

After scrambling to look for it he found it had been picked up by someone and put in the door.

To his dismay, the thief had swiped his possessions, including a pair of Nike trainers.

Speaking on his Restless Natives podcast, he said: "We would go swimming on a Saturday. You put all your stuff in your locker and then you have your locker key on your arm.

"I remember about 45 minutes in and I went 'where’s my locker key, I can’t find it', and then you start panicking and going how long have I not had that for.

"I got back to my locker and you could see the key in the door, which means somebody had found it but they took everything including my new Air Max Alluma Yellow trainers but left my Bart Simpson boxers."

The National:

Compston then explained how things got worse when his dad arrived and went "off his nut" – and the story ended up in the newspaper. 

He said: "Standing in your boxers while all your friends tear you to shreds, and you’ve got to phone your dad to come get you, who’s obviously not happy with you anyway.

"When he got down he was going off his nut and he said he wanted to see the CCTV, but it wasn’t working so his decision was to make me go in the paper and it still haunts me to this day.

"There’s this picture of me with my elbows on the table, with my chin in my hands looking glum out the window saying ‘Young man robbed of everything’."