MANY people noticed SNP MPs wearing purple ribbons at today’s PMQs but why were they wearing them and what do they represent.

What are the ribbons for?

The ribbons are to show support for those suffering with Crohn's disease. 

Speaking at PMQs, MP Hannah Bardell raised the "Cut the Crap" campaign which encourages pople to check for potential symptoms of bowel disease. 

What is Chron's disease? 

Chron's is a type of infalmmatory bowel disease. It occcurs when part of the gut becomes swollen, inflamed and ulcerated. 

This can lead to pain, diarrhoea, weight loss and tiredness and can cause other symptoms. 

It is a lifelong condition and the impact it has at any one time can fluctuate dramatically. 

Chron's & Cotlis UK, the charity behind the "Cut the Crap" campaign welcomed Bardell raising awareness of the issue at PMQs. 

Its chief executive Sarah Sleet said: “More than a quarter of people wait over a year for a diagnosis of Crohn’s or Colitis. During this time, nearly half end up in A&E at least once, because of symptoms like debilitating stomach pain or frequent, bloody diarrhoea.

The National:

"The warning signs of Crohn’s and Colitis can be embarrassing and misunderstood, and it may be tempting to ignore them, which is where our symptom checker can help. Over 50,000 people have used it so far, but to really transform lives we need a clear pathway to diagnosis in place across the UK.

"We welcome Hannah Bardell’s question to the Prime Minister today and we thank her, and her constituent Steven Sharp, for their work in supporting our campaign for the early diagnosis of Crohn’s and Colitis.”