HUMZA Yousaf has said he will attend the King’s coronation after also accepting an invitation to attend an independence rally on the same day.

On May 6, the same day as Charles’s coronation, All Under One Banner are hosting a rally to which they invited all three leadership candidates.

Yousaf, Kate Forbes and Ash Regan all said they would speak at the event.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Health Secretary previously told The National: “Humza will accept (the invitation) and would love to speak at the AUOB event on May 6 2023.”

During Tuesday's Times Radio debate however, he said the first minister had a “duty to represent all of Scotland” including those who both believe and don't believe in the monarchy.

The National:

He said: “I would be at the coronation because I think it’s right for the first minister to lead by example to show that actually regardless of my own personal views, I’ve been pretty open about the fact I’m a republican and I’ve never hidden that fact.

“My job is to represent everybody in the country and one of the duties as first minister would be to attend the coronation.”

Yousaf has been approached for comment regarding the rally.

Ash Regan meanwhile confirmed that she has “already committed to lead an independence March” and joked that she had not yet been invited to the Coronation.

She added: “If I become first minister, I will send a representative of Scotland to represent us.”

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Kate Forbes said that she had also responded to the event in “like fashion” but echoed Regan’s point about sending a representative.

“I think it’s important that we do have a representative at the coronation and I would be exploring whether I can do both in one day”, she said.