A WOMAN was left stunned after finding rows of sharp razors all over the walls of a Glasgow hotel.

Ashley Davies was shocked to find the “sinister” space on the upper floor of Grand Central Glasgow hotel today.

She had asked staff to show her around and was warned there was something “creepy” upstairs.

Ashley asked to see but admitted she wasn’t prepared for the razorblade walls.

Taking a video of the room she shared it to followers on Twitter who were also left shocked by the discovery.


She said: “I’ve been exploring the derelict upper floor of the fancy Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow and came across the ‘razor room’.

“The staff don’t know who did this or how long it’s been like this.”

The National: Staff couldn't explain the razor roomStaff couldn't explain the razor room (Image: Sourced)

Ashley told the Glasgow Times: “I asked the concierge if he could show me the unused upper floor because I’m nosy, and he warned me there was something quite creepy there.

“I did not expect anything quite as sinister as this!”

The National: Rows of sharp razors are stuck in the wallsRows of sharp razors are stuck in the walls (Image: Sourced)

It is understood the room was a previous art installation from 1999 which remains in an unused space of the popular hotel.

It is believed the project was by NVA, a Glasgow charity that created public art in Glasgow for 26 years before closing in 2018.

The Grand Central Hotel refused to comment when contacted by the Glasgow Times.

The IHG Hotel group has also been contacted for comment.