THE union representing the lowest-paid workers in the Scottish Parliament has secured a landmark £15 per hour minimum wage following industrial action.

Tens of thousands of Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union members took part in fresh strike action last week in a dispute over pay, pensions, redundancy terms, and job security in numerous public sector roles.

They included workers in the Scottish Parliament, who picketed the building.

However, the union has now secured an agreement that will see wages increased for entry-level staff across the Scottish Parliament – including offices such as security and visitor services.

This will result in an increase in wages of more than £6000 per year for some workers, heralding a significant victory for the union which has long campaigned for a £15 per hour minimum wage.

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The union’s industrial officer for Scotland, Ruby Gibson, said: “A £15 minimum wage is a key element of the PCS pay claim.

“During this cost-of-living crisis, workers everywhere are struggling to survive, and this is felt most acutely by the lowest paid.

“In implementing a £15 minimum wage, the Scottish Parliament is at the forefront of this progressive move, and employers everywhere should follow suit and pay a wage that provides a decent standard of living.”

However, a fresh wave of strikes has been announced by the union for workers in passport offices across the UK – including Glasgow – who will walk out from 3 April to 6 May.

The industrial action is likely to have a significant impact on the delivery of passports ahead of summer.