NICOLA Sturgeon has said she has not spoken to police concerning their investigation about alleged missing party funds. 

Police are currently investigating what happened to £600,000 of party money that was crowdfunded from independence supporters to be used in a new campaign to leave the UK.

However, given Sturgeon’s and her husband Peter Murrell’s senior positions in the party at the time, the First Minister has been repeatedly asked if she has spoken to detectives as part of the investigation.

Speaking to Beth Rigby on Sky News on Monday, the First Minister was again asked if she had contact with police.

She said: “Look, no.

"But I’m not going to comment, I wouldn’t comment on any ongoing police investigation and I’m not going to comment on this one."

Asked if it had put pressure on her or her husband, who resigned at the weekend after a row of how media requests relating to membership numbers were handled, the First Minister said: “No, it hasn’t, no.”

She added that the situation had been "mishandled" but that it gave the party an opportunity to "reflect".