The National:

YOU might remember the BBC’s Glenn Campbell doing quite a self-indulgent story for the corporation’s website when Nicola Sturgeon resigned – telling readers how he broke the news before anyone else.

The BBC were clearly somewhat embarrassed by the story, because they changed the headline from “How I broke the news of the resignation” to “End of an era as Nicola Sturgeon waves farewell”.

But now doubt has been cast on Campbell’s version of events with revelations high-level officials working on stage-managing the shock resignation announcement were relaxed about the possibility of leaks to the media.

In Campbell’s telling, he plugged away at sources, trying to get them to give him the inside track.

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He wrote: “When I heard Nicola Sturgeon was calling a news conference for 11 o'clock, my instinct was that this could be something big.

“When I asked Scottish Government sources, speculatively, if she was resigning, no-one would - or perhaps could - give a clear answer. I then phoned almost everyone I could think of who might be in the know, to try and piece together the nature of the announcement.

“Not everyone answers in these moments and those who do tend to speak in code, but the message was crystal clear - Scotland's longest-serving first minister had decided to call it a day.”

But documents shared with The Scottish Sun suggest Glenn might have had a easier time of it than he made out.

A note seen by the paper showed top advisers working on the announcement discussed the prospect of leaking the news to the BBC and Sky “to encourage live coverage”.

The note read: “Standard media briefing invite list. No silly exclusions.

“We will speak to BBC and Sky in advance to encourage live coverage. This may lead to leaks but FM comfortable with this.”

It may be Campbell’s stirring tale of shoe-leather journalism is true. But would you be surprised if it was flattering spin to make the story of a helpful discreet text a little bit sexier?