STEPHEN Flynn has dismantled the UK Government’s Spring Budget and said he “can’t wait” to see the Conservatives get “stuffed” at the next General Election.

The leader of the SNP at Westminster was appearing on Question Time on Thursday night when he made the comments.

When asked whether Jeremy Hunt’s budget would “make Britain great again”, Flynn proceeded to highlight how it failed to help working people struggling with rising costs.

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He said: “Folk that I speak to will share the same view that I do right now: that this budget is a complete and utter letdown.

“And I’m quite angry about it because people can’t afford to pay their energy bills. They can’t afford to pay their mortgages; they can’t afford to pay their rent.

“They can’t afford to pay their food bills; they can’t afford, some of them, to put clothes on their kids' backs or shoes on their kids' feet.

“And the Chancellor’s answer to that was to keep energy bills at an astronomically high level while stealthily taking 400 pounds away through the energy rebate scheme.

“He wants old people and disabled people to pull up their socks and have an MOT and go back to work.

“He wants to give the richest people in society a tax break on their pensions. What planet do these people live on?

“And I cannot wait to see them get stuffed at the next General Election.”

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This was met by applause from the audience as Conservative MP Bim Afolami, who was also on the panel, looked on sheepishly.

Labour MP Lucy Powell then interrupted to say that the Conservatives would only be defeated “if people vote Labour in Scotland though, Stephen”.

To which Flynn responded: “Be aware of one thing, though. Because the last thing we need at this moment in time is for Keir Starmer to come to power with the views he has now.

“Because he is little more than David Cameron with a red tie and that is not good enough. He will not return us to prosperity, we need much better. And for people in Scotland, the answer to that is independence.”