The National:

“BULLSEYE” might be the last word that springs to mind when it comes to how the Tories have handled the economy.

“Cruel” and “vicious” were just some of the words used to describe the plans outlined by Jeremy Hunt in his Spring Budget on Wednesday.

However, in response to the chatter, the Conservative Party’s deputy chairman Lee Anderson came up with what he thought was the perfect way to demonstrate his support for his colleague.

In a bizarre video Anderson outlined his thoughts on the Budget with the help of a dartboard.

Not content with simply describing what he thought of Hunt’s Budget, the MP and GB News presenter felt the need to remind those on Twitter what he actually meant with a more visual display of his thoughts.

“People are asking me today about Jeremy’s Budget. Well I think he’s hit the bullseye. See if I can do that as well”, he said.

This was followed by Anderson throwing his dart before the camera panned to show it, yep you’ve guessed it, hitting the bullseye.

“There you go and I didn’t cheat once”, he added.

Many took to Twitter to respond to the video, with one user saying: “Lee Anderson feels likes someone playing a character."

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The Jouker couldn’t possibly comment on the integrity of the Tories or whether or not Anderson did indeed cheat his way to such a well taken shot.

However, as one social media user said: “If you have to end with ‘and I didn’t cheat once’ … I would suspect that you may have cheated, at least once.”

“Wild times we live in”, added someone else.

In a bid to add to the pub atmosphere created by the dartboard, it also looks as though a few cans of Stella can be spotted in the background of the video.

As always, it’s good to see the Tories taking things seriously.