THE Chancellor has announced that the duty of draught beer in UK pubs will freeze in a move to help struggling pubs and bars.

Former Remainer Jeremy Hunt announced this during the spring Budget, his first such budget since taking office in October 2022.

Hunt succeeded Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor after his policies caused chaos last year.

The new policy has been dubbed the "Brexit Pub Guarantee" and ensures "pubs will always pay less tax on a pint compared to supermarkets" according to the Treasury on Twitter.

The Treasury said: "The duty on average strength draught beer sold in pubs across the UK will be frozen. This will help the hospitality sector including pubs and restaurants."

This would mean that the duty paid for draught beer in pubs would be 11p lower than the tax paid by supermarkets.

The Chancellor said: “Today, I will do something that was not possible when we were in the EU and significantly increase the generosity of Draught Relief, so that from 1 August the duty on draught products in pubs will be up to 11p lower than the duty in supermarkets, a differential we will maintain as part of a new Brexit pubs guarantee.

“British ale may be warm, but the duty on a pint is frozen.”