RISHI Sunak has seized on criticisms made of the SNP by Kate Forbes to attack the party in Westminster.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to use the SNP leadership contender’s scathing assessment of Humza Yousaf’s career in Government earlier in the month as a riposte to Stephen Flynn’s questions in the Commons on Wednesday.

During an exchange on energy bills at Prime Minister’s Questions, Sunak was accused of “looking to freeze households”, as the Government announced it was scrapping the energy rebate which has seen households given money back every month on their utility bills.

But the Prime Minister hit back: “Actually the Government is delivering for people across the United Kingdom, energy bills have been our priority which is why over £1000, which is benefitting households in every part of our country.

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“But [Flynn] talks about delivery, it’s now clear that we know because of the SNP that the trains don’t run on time, the police are at breaking point and the NHS in Scotland experience the longest ever waiting list.

“That isn’t that isn’t even my assessment. That’s what we learned in the SNP’s leadership debate last week.”

Sunak was referencing bruising comments made by Forbes during the STV leadership debate, in which she took aim at Yousaf’s record as transport minister, justice secretary and in his current role of Health Secretary.

She accused her rival of presiding over poor public transport, police being overworked and record-high waiting list times.

Forbes drew praise from some within the SNP for her criticisms, saying her candidness would help the party win over No voters.

But others said it served only to fuel outside criticism of the party and made the SNP look weak and divided.