STAFF at a Glasgow bar have lodged a formal grievance accusing bosses of 'serious health and safety breaches'.

Employees at 13th Note in the Merchant City claim they have been ‘pushed to breaking point’ and are struggling to pay their bills amid allegations of poor pay and being put on zero hours contracts.

Unite the Union say they have now put a collective grievance to owners, signed by 80% of the workforce, accusing bosses 'of a failure to adhere to the most basic legal obligations of duty of care towards staff'.

Chef Nick Troy, 25, told the Glasgow Times that staff morale has reached its lowest ever ebb.

The National: Nick Troy, Kay Logan, Brendan Armstrong and Fraser JackNick Troy, Kay Logan, Brendan Armstrong and Fraser Jack (Image: Newsquest)

He claimed: “I’m expected to work 12-hour shifts without a break and it has become intolerable. I'm mentally and physically exhausted when I clock off. The kitchen runs from midday until 10.45 pm, despite there often being only one chef on.

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“Staff are being pushed to the max and are no longer willing to accept these conditions. We need better pay, stable employment provided by an end to zero hour contracts and the breaks that we are legally entitled to. "Folk just aren’t willing to put up with what's being asked of them any longer."

The grievance from Unite reads: “Most staff are on zero hours contracts – this fails to provide them with any reasonable level of stability or security, with hours regularly fluctuating week to week having a serious financial impact.

“Staff members at the independent bar, restaurant and venue under the ages of 23 and 21 are to be paid a lower rate than elder members of staff for the same job title and responsibilities – often as low as £6.83 per hour."

The National:

It continues: “Kitchen staff are regularly expected to work 12-hour shifts without proper consideration for their right to paid breaks. When kitchen staff do insist on a rest, their requests are regularly not respected."

Sound engineer Fraser Jack told how he’s struggling to make ends meet and is having to take on other jobs to survive.

The 20-year-old, who lives in Glasgow's Southside, claimed: “I work in the venue and the pay is very poor. I’m having to juggle other jobs just to keep my head above water.

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“The staff are great, but people have had enough - we just want to be treated properly. We feel as though our concerns have been ignored in the past and the only way forward was for the team to lodge this collective grievance."

Venue manager Kay Logan, 28, says workers have acted as a last resort.

She added: “We don’t want to damage the business but we need the owner to recognise our union representation and address the serious points outlined within the grievance.

“I’ve worked here on and off for 10 years and my current contract is zero hours, which gives me no financial security whatsoever. We want to come to an agreement where we can all continue to do the jobs we enjoy, but with fair conditions.”

The Glasgow Times reported that representatives from Unite held three-hour talks with the owner on Thursday and have secured a commitment for immediate action on staff's allegations around health and safety, as well as an investigation into how staff complaints are handled.

Bryan Simpson, who organises hospitality staff for Unite the Union, said: “We remain cautiously optimistic after positive negotiations took place and we will be following the assurances up with the owner next week.

"The issues raised are among the worst I’ve seen in 15 years and the owner has committed to taking action to sort these out. The next stage is for Unite to push for a Voluntary Recognition Agreement to recognise Unite as the union for the workforce.

“The owner has a legal obligation to ensure the rights of staff members are met and we will continue fighting tooth and nail to achieve change."

A spokesperson for 13th Note said: “The issues raised are being addressed internally.”