THE Tory-linked BBC chairman must resign over a litany of recent scandals including the Gary Lineker row, the Scottish Greens have said.

Lineker, who is the broadcaster’s best-paid presenter for his role fronting Match of the Day, has been reinstated after a ferocious row erupted when he compared the Conservative Party to Nazis because of the language used to promote their draconian immigration plans.

BBC chairman Richard Sharp also faces questions over his relationship with former prime minister Boris Johnson and his historical donations to the Conservatives.

It was reported last week that the BBC had dropped an episode of David Attenborough’s new Wild Isles series over fears it would upset right-wing MPs and the press.

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The BBC has denied this was the case and said the episode in question – which is said to have looked at the destruction of UK nature – was never intended for broadcast.

Sharp donated £400,000 to the Tories and is subject of an investigation after helping Johnson secure a £800,000 loan before taking on the top job.

The Scottish Greens have said Sharp must leave his post now to give the broadcaster the chance to “retain any shred of credibility”. 

Mark Ruskell, the party’s culture spokesperson, said: “Richard Sharp must go and go now. Every second he remains trust in the BBC’s ability to carry out its functions free from UK Government influence is eroded. 

“Over the weekend the BBC’s sports coverage has been left in tatters, its reputation trashed and that threatens to taint even its news operations having to cover the scandal as people question just who is calling the shots. 

“In the space of a few days Gary Lineker has been targeted for speaking out on behalf of refugees, Sir David Attenborough has been muzzled on air after speaking up on climate crisis and the environment, all of which are core green policies.

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“That is deeply concerning to us especially given the seismic changes in Scottish politics happening right now with the pending election of a new First Minister at Holyrood and the Tory hostility and misinformation towards gender reform and the Deposit Return Scheme.

“The BBC has a duty to ensure not just impartiality but command complete trust from the public. It must be beyond reproach.

“That is impossible while he remains in post bathed in a hue of Tory hypocrisy.

“Instead the corporation is eating itself, all of which makes it easier for Ministers to threaten its very future at a time when right-leaning broadcasters are queuing up.

“If the BBC is to retain any shred of credibility, protect its highly professional staff and journalists who find themselves caught in the centre of this storm, and its very future, then Sharp must go and other senior executives may well reflect on their position too.”

A BBC spokesperson said: "This is a matter for the chairman and his representative."

A spokesperson for Sharp declined to comment.