THE leader of the SNP at Westminster has backed Humza Yousaf in the party’s leadership contest.

Speaking to STV News, Stephen Flynn said that Yousaf was the person who “can unite the SNP” and provide “hope for a better future”.

“Humza is someone who can provide that hope,” he said. “His plans in respect of child care have the potential to be transformative.

“He really recognises the need for energy security and the green transition that needs to take place, which will protect jobs and opportunities here in my city of Aberdeen.

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“And perhaps most important of all, he’ll be the person who can unite the SNP, who will respect and celebrate our record in government and hopefully take us to new and better times.”

Flynn was also asked whether he was concerned about comments made by leadership Ash Regan, who said that some SNP members could leave the party if Yousaf wins the election.

He said: “You know, I’m like all of our members, I have a say on this, I have one vote like they do.

“I just think it’s important that they know my view as a senior figure within the party. Humza is someone that I can get behind. I believe offers that hope for a better future.

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“His proposals in respect of energy security and the green industrial strategy that I want to see going forward is something which entices me towards voting for Humza and I think it will entice other members too.”

It comes after two people were arrested in connection to allegations of racist abuse directed at Humza Yousaf early in the leadership campaign.