ASH Regan has announced her plan to tackle the problems in Scotland’s NHS if she is chosen as the SNP’s new leader and next first minister of Scotland.

The Edinburgh Eastern MSP proposes to hold a summit of frontline workers in the health service to identify and tackle issues facing staff.

Frontline departments across Scotland would nominate a spokesperson to attend a “National Health Summit”, which Regan would attend to listen to their concerns and experiences.

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She said: “From visiting the heroes delivering on the front line of the NHS, it’s clear to me the solutions to unlocking capacity, reducing bed blocking, and empowering better health care are being discussed and are apparent to those who work on the front lines day in and day out.

“My proposal is simple - I don’t intend to just listen, I intend to hear what is being said, for far too long top down reform has not worked, and while the NHS of Scotland outperforms the rest of the UK, there are smarter decisions we can make.

“There has been too much focus on targets and goals - the nurses and midwives I’ve met during this leadership election are telling me they are exhausted, the NHS has been running on goodwill for too long, it is time for change”.

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Regan’s announcement follows criticism of Humza Yousaf’s track record as Health Secretary from fellow candidate Kate Forbes.

During a televised debate on STV on Tuesday night, Forbes told Yousaf that under his tenure “we’ve got record high waiting times”.

When asked whether she would have a space for him in her cabinet, Forbes said: “There is room for Humza Yousaf – maybe not in health – but there is room for Humza Yousaf.”