TORY MSP Murdo Fraser has implied MSPs might be helping protesters get into First Minister's Questions.

At the end of Thursday's session in the chamber, Fraser questioned whether anything could be done about weekly demonstrations staged by climate activists.

A man could be heard speaking over Douglas Ross's opening question to Nicola Sturgeon. The Tory leader tried to carry on regardless but a suspension was eventually called. 

This is Rigged - the group which has been staging many of the protests - describes itself as an organisation taking “Scottish-specific direct action” to demand that “the Scottish Government oppose all new oil and gas projects and ensure a just transition for our oil workers”.

Activists have disrupted six of the last eight FMQs

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Fraser raised a point of order at the end of FMQs and asked Presiding Officer Alison Johnstone if the Parliament could do anything to take action against them. 

He said: “Over the last number of weeks, we've been subjected to increasingly tiresome interruptions from protesters in the public gallery. Now, in a democratic society, we recognise there is a right of peaceful protest.

“But this is very disruptive for those of us in the chamber, for other people who have come to watch proceedings in the public gallery, for those watching at home who tuned in to see the First Minister and the Scottish Government being held to account.

“Are these individuals obtaining tickets directly? Or are they doing that through the offices of MSPs?”

He asked if “sanctions” were “being applied to those who are being disruptive.”

He added: “Are their names being taken? Or are they being prevented from coming back on another occasion?

“Or what other steps can be taken to try and address what is a weekly irritation to all members?”

Johnstone said discussions taken place about what action could be taken and she would update Parliament in due course.