THE constituency office of an MSP has been targeted with anti-SNP banners for the fourth time in nine months.

David Torrance, SNP MSP for Kirkcaldy posted a CCTV image of the latest incident on Sunday at his office in the town's Kirk Wynd.

The banners and posters were anti-SNP and referred to the Gender Recognition Reform Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament before Christmas.

The bill has subsequently been blocked from getting royal assent by the Tories at Westminster.

Torrance said it was the latest in a series of incidents dating back to the middle of last year and has now pleaded with people to be "civil", suggesting the banners are making his staff feel unsafe.

He said: “Some of the messaging is not appropriate. You’ve got to remember, I’ve got staff working there all the time and I’ve got a duty of care to them.

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“If these people want to come and talk to me, my office is open all the time, I do over 200 surgeries a year. If you want to say something, come and speak to me and we can discuss it in a civil manner.

“Leave the office alone. It is there to help people who need help - people who are looking for advice and help.

“I want my staff to feel like they are working in a safe environment, to be able to go out and do their best to help individuals. Whether you agree or disagree with my politics we can all be civil to one another."