SNP WESTMINSTER leader Stephen Flynn has accused Rishi Sunak of taking inspiration from “Rivers of Blood” politician Enoch Powell as he attacked the UK Government’s new asylum laws.

At a rowdy session of PMQS, the Prime Minister came under pressure over the proposed controversial legislation to stop small boats from crossing the Channel.

The SNP Westminster leader asked the Prime Minister whether the Illegal Migration Bill means women who are sex-trafficked to the UK on a small boat will not get modern slavery protections.

He told the Commons: “On International Women’s Day, can I ask the Prime Minister to reconfirm that under his proposed new asylum laws women who are sex-trafficked to the UK on a small boat by a criminal gang will not be afforded protection under our modern slavery laws?”

Sunak replied: “It’s precisely because we want to target our resources and our compassion on the world’s most vulnerable people that we need to get a grip of this system, make sure that we have control over our borders, make sure our system and resources are not overwhelmed, so that we can help the people most in need.

“There is nothing fair, there is nothing compassionate, about sustaining a system where, as we saw recently, people are dying on these crossings. That is not right. And our plans will stop that from happening.”

Flynn replied that he would take that as a “yes” from the Prime Minister that women who are the victims of sex trafficking would not be protected under Modern Slavery laws.

He accused the UK Government of taking inspiration from former Tory MP Enoch Powell, whose “Rivers of Blood” speech criticising immigration sparked fury in 1968.

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Flynn said: “What a complete and utter disgrace, but whilst it may shock, it shouldn’t necessarily surprise.

“Because this is the Tory government that in recent months has spoken of invasions, just yesterday this is the Tory government that said 100 million people could be coming to these shores.

“This is the Tory government that this morning said this number could be billions – complete and utter nonsense.

“So may I ask the Prime Minister – from whom are his government taking inspiration, Nigel Farage or Enoch Powell.”

Sunak responded: “What a load of nonsense. In fact the figure of 100milllion it doesn’t come from the government, it comes from the United Nations and it illustrates the scale of the global migration crisis that the world is grappling with which is why it is right we take action.

“If we do not, the numbers will continue to grow, they have more than quadrupled in just two years, it is a sign of what is to come and our system will continue to be overwhelmed and if that happens we will not be able to help the people who are most in need of our support, our generosity and our compassion.”

The Prime Minister also faced calls to publish his tax returns more than 100 days after promising to do so.

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Labour MP Richard Burgon said: “Over 100 days ago the Prime Minister promised to publish his tax returns. He still hasn’t.

“People want transparency in our politics, especially because the Prime Minister is the richest prime minister in history and because of the concerns there have been.

“So, why on earth hasn’t the Prime Minister published his tax returns yet? When will he do so? And when he does so, will he include his US tax returns?”

Sunak responded: “As I have previously confirmed, I will publish my tax returns and that will be done very shortly.”