A GLASGOW band claim they have received “death threats” and apologised after playing a controversial game.

Single By Sunday, a pop-rock band who recently sold out The Garage in the city centre, have been pelted with abuse online and accused of “transphobia”.

It comes after the band played “male or female” on their podcast "Reel & Raw", which showed photos of several celebrities with their legs, knees, or backside showing before players were asked if the person was male or female.

This included using pictures of BBC presenter Alyx Homcombe’s photo as they made guesses on a picture of her wearing denim shorts.

The National: Single By Sunday band members Jonny (right) and Josh (left)Single By Sunday band members Jonny (right) and Josh (left) (Image: Sourced)

Some fans were outraged by the game branding it “disrespectful” but the band members say they never meant to “objectify anyone”.

In a statement, Single By Sunday said: “It had nothing to do with ‘is someone trans or not’ how somebody identifies has nothing to do with us.

“We did not intend to objectify anyone which we ended up doing and apologised for that.

“It wasn’t the best game to play but that’s what it was, an ill-conceived stupid game that was juvenile.

“We should have known better."

The statement added: “I should mention at this point that a member of the band is also a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“We have been accused of being bullies but now we are being bullied with death threats.

“Our wish was never to upset anyone and regardless of anyone saying that it’s easy to apologise after the event but if you’re wrong, that is what you have to do.

“Lessons have to be learned and they will be.”

In a public apology, the band said: “We would like to publicly apologise for the insensitivity we have shown to the LGBTQ+ community.

“It was never within our intentions, and we are deeply sorry for our actions.

“We will be better people.”

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Glasgow’s Drury Street Bar & Kitchen hit out at the incident in a statement saying: “We will no longer be playing Single By Sunday’s music in the pub because of their recent ‘transphobic’ behaviour.”

Musician Bronie added: “What even made you think making a video zooming in on women’s [private parts] and making really really disrespectful comments would ever be a good idea?”

One fan however said: “Those who have been making ridiculous accusations, just think about the effect your words will have on the band's mental health.”

Another fan added: “I've seen a lot of negativity on here about you guys and let's just say everybody makes mistakes.

“No person is picture perfect at least you know that you've done wrong.

“I'm taking sides at all but I'm glad you realise it.”

Single By Sunday has removed the podcast episode and apologised for the content.