THE co-leader of the Scottish Greens has said an SNP leadership candidate’s claims they were “excited” by her pitch were “false”.

Speaking during the STV leadership debate on Tuesday night, Ash Regan claimed she had spoken with all independence parties that day and that they had been “excited” by her plans.

It came as she said she would “review” the Bute House agreement, the coalition deal between the SNP and the Greens.

The agreement has allowed the SNP to avoid working with Unionist parties and gave the Scottish Greens some sway over Government policy.

Responding to Regan’s claims, Patrick Harvie said: “The Scottish Greens are not endorsing a candidate - this is an election for SNP members.

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“But those voting have a right to know that this claim by a candidate on national TV is simply, plainly false.”

Regan responded to The Scotsman, saying: “All parties were called today, including the [Scottish Greens] – message left, still awaiting a call back. Everyone else enthusiastic.”

Scotland’s only other pro-independence party with representation at any level of government are the Alba Party.

Her campaign released a statement clarifying her remarks, saying she had spoken with the Alba Party, the Independence for Scotland Party, the Scottish Socialist Party, and Tommy Sheridan’s Hope Over Fear group and they had all “expressed excitement and support”.

A member of Regan’s team told The National the Scottish Greens had refused to put their call through.

They said she had “left a message” with the Scottish Greens but had not heard back.