LABOUR have rebranded one of their official social media channels to mock the SNP’s leadership contest.

Labour’s press office account was changed to be called “SNP Leaderless Election Hustings” and the profile picture showing a shattered SNP logo.

A Scottish Labour insider told The Jouker the party timed the move to coincide with the STV leadership debate on Tuesday night – and said it would provide a “running commentary” with the party’s key attack lines on the Scottish Government.

But the gag appears to have attracted more groans than laughs – with one Twitter user telling the party to “grow up”.

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Another added: “Labour are so so so embarrassing. It's painful at this stage.”

The party pulled a similar trick during the catfighting of the Tory leadership election last year.

And the Tories themselves found themselves in hot water after their press office’s Twitter account posed as a fact-checking service during the 2019 General Election.

They were accused of misleading the public after tweeting out pro-Conservative materials while appearing to be a credible fact-checking operation.