DEPUTY Tory chairman Lee Anderson has joined right-wing broadcasting channel GB News as a host and contributor, it has been announced.

Anderson, who has been hit by multiple scandals since becoming a Tory MP in 2019, will be a regular presenter on the channel.

“GB News is the true voice of the Great British silent majority,” said the MP as the news emerged.

He added: “I’m joining the people’s channel to ensure their voice is heard.”

The National:

Michael Booker, the channel's editorial director,  said: “Lee has been a breath of fresh air in Westminster since he was elected, doing something that many politicians are scared to do: talking honestly about what they believe.

“Our viewers and listeners appreciate his common-sense language, something that has been missing from politics for a long time. As the next election will be fought in the Red Wall, Lee’s insights into northern voters will be key.”

The National: Jacob Rees-Mogg

A number of Conservative MPs currently work across GB News's weekly schedule.

The list includes Jacob Rees-Mogg (above), Esther McVey and Philip Davies.

Anderson has been a regular guest on GB News, appearing on Rees-Mogg's show as well as Dan Wootton's.

Lee Anderson's controversial political career

Last month, the Sunday National revealed that complaints had been made to the Tories about Anderson's links to the far-right before he became deputy chairman - but the party dismissed the concerns.

The newspaper also obtained images of a woman who Anderson has publicly called "Aunty" and said he is “proud to call … a friend” holding a banner declaring support for the far-right English Defence League.

The complaint about Anderson complaimed the Tory MP was “a personal friend” of people known to “flaunt their [far-right] beliefs”.

The complaint made specific reference to Martin “Fluke” Dudley, saying it was a “provable fact” that he “is or has been a member of the BNP”. Dudley has the white supremacist “Celtic Cross” symbol tattooed on his leg, and claims to have known Anderson for 40 years.

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Anderson has also made controversial comments about those living in poverty, last week telling MPs that people are abusing food banks as a "weekly shop".

Leading a Westminster Hall debate, he said: “One particular family I was helping, really helping, and they were going to the food bank two or three times a week to get their groceries and then, you know, I see them in McDonald’s two or three times a week."

He is often known as 30p Lee, as he once claimed in the Commons that food can be made from scratch "for about 30 pence a day".

Anderson recently hit the headlines for backing the return of the death penalty, saying: “Nobody has ever committed a crime after being executed."