A PROMINENT Humza Yousaf backer has said she will report Joanna Cherry to SNP HQ for sharing a Wings Over Scotland tweet.

Former councillor Mhairi Hunter said she would alert party officials after the Edinburgh South West MP reposted a tweet from the blog which accused Yousaf wanting to “trans [sic] gay and autistic kids, sterilise them and deprive them of sexual pleasure for their entire adult life”.

Cherry has since deleted the tweet and a representative for the MP insisted the post was made in error. 

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A spokesperson for Cherry said: "Joanna had intended to comment on a tweet by Humza Yousaf and made a mistake when doing so.

"She has corrected that mistake. The only people attempting to 'derail' the contest are those trying to prevent an open debate and a free and frank exchange of views.

"Ms Hunter may make a complaint to the National Secretary if she wishes.

"Joanna is still waiting for a response from the National Secretary to Joanna's complaint in January 2021 over a defamatory letter about Joanna in which Mhairi Hunter participated during the NEC elections in November 2020."

Hunter was approached for comment on the "defamatory letter".

Hunter said Cherry’s retweet – which appeared to make no reference to the content of the Wings over Scotland post – was an “incendiary act” and accused the MP of wanting to “derail” the leadership contest.

Cherry – an outspoken critic of her own party’s gender recognition reforms – is backing Ash Regan to become the next leader of the SNP.

Hunter, a former Glasgow councillor and thought to be close with outgoing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said she would report the matter to the party’s national secretary Lorna Finn.  

The National:

She said: “I can only assume Joanna Cherry wants to derail this leadership contest. Can see no other explanation for such an incendiary act. Suggest we don't let her.

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"Make a complaint to [the national secretary] if you are a member. I shall. But let us not get dragged into the gutter.”

Wings Over Scotland was responding to a post from Yousaf in which the leadership candidate pledged to ban conversion therapy and embed LGBT rights in the constitution of an independent Scotland, if elected.

Cherry has now reuploaded her original comments, which she said were intended to be in response to Yousaf's tweet - not the Wings Over Scotland post. 

She said: "Currently #LGBT rights are protected under the #EqualityAct along with sex-based rights, disability religion & belief etc. In 2014 @theSNP promised to enshrine anti-discrimination laws for all protected characteristics in the constitution of an #indy Scotland". 

Yousaf told The National: "The language used in the blog is discriminatory, hurtful and damaging to members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

"Members of the trans community especially are some of the most vulnerable and marginalised individuals in our society and all politicians and commentators would be minded to remember that. 

"As SNP Leader and Scotland's First Minister I will protect our LGBTQ+ community and strengthen and celebrate their rights." 

The SNP did not comment on Cherry's tweet, but a spokesperson said: "We've been clear that this is a contest for SNP members to choose their leader, without being influenced by external bad faith actors.

"Members will be disgusted to see this hate-filled attack on the only minority candidate in the contest."