LEADERSHIP contender Ash Regan has pledged to establish an SNP Activist Academy within the party to build a “powerful team at all levels”.

The Edinburgh Eastern MSP announced on Monday morning that if she wins the contest to become the next first minister, she will build on the existing SNP College format to educate activists and widen access to more members in the party.

The existing SNP College describes itself as a route for budding campaigners to "take learning pathways crafted specifically for SNP Members enabling you to level up your involvement".

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Under Regan’s plan, new members will be able to access a variety of online modules, in-person training and certification in a number of areas. This would include helping them to familiarise themselves with the party structure and inner workings, as well as setting out how they can get involved in campaigning and activism.

Regan said: “The SNP Academy will ensure that we harness and share skills across our party to build a powerful team at all levels.

“Access for all our members to the best in class political education and practical campaigning skills, built up across our membership from decades of breaking new ground in political campaigning and policy setting.

“New members onboarding skills, to familiarise with the party structure, how to get things done and opportunities to get actively involved at whatever level members are comfortable with.”

Regan’s team split her plan for an SNP Activist Academy into four categories - campaigners, leaders, branch representatives, and connecting the team.

The “campaign in a box” module would teach members campaign logistics, how to frame a message, and “ear-to-ground campaigning”.

For those looking to take on a leadership role, support and training will be given by “proven leaders and experts” and will include public speaking, media, and vetting training, as well as being assigned an SNP tutor for ongoing support.

For those who want to take part in their local branch activities, a module setting out the roles and pathways of the branch, and how this connects with regional and national hubs will be offered, as well as practical support from areas including IT skills and Conference Resolutions.

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Regan also said there would be “Duolingo style learning pathways” available as well as certification for key branch roles.

The final strand, connecting the team, would feature contributions by prominent members of the SNP, and would include video and podcast content.

It comes as the SNP leadership contenders were asked to answer 10 key questions on policies ranging from whisky tax to the National Care Service by the SNP’s Trade Union Group.

Elsewhere, Regan and fellow contenders Kate Forbes and Humza Yousaf were urged to set out their commitments to tackling climate change by over 100 Scottish environmental groups.