SKY News is set to host a live SNP leadership debate on the day ballots open for party members. 

Ash Regan, Humza Yousaf and Kate Forbes are all vying to be the next first minister and will face questions from Sky News’s Political Editor Beth Rigby.

The one-hour show will be aired on Monday, March 13 at 8pm, live from Edinburgh.

Each candidate’s road path to an independent Scotland will be under the microscope.

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Yousaf has distanced himself from using the next General Election as a de-facto referendum, with Forbes also advocating building watertight support for independence.

However, Regan pledged that she would begin independence negotiations from day one of a new Parliament if she achieves a majority of seats and votes cast in any election going forward. 

The National:

Sky News political editor, Beth Rigby said: “This is a critical moment for Scotland with a cost-of-living crisis, major challenges facing the NHS and questions about the future shape of the Union.

"The debate gives people in Scotland, and right across the UK, the chance to see candidates put to the test.”

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The leadership candidates participated in the first hustings in Cumbernauld on Wednesday, with 15 debate events sets to take place in total.

STV, BBC and Channel 4 will all also host leadership debates, while the SNP are hosting a number of their own hustings.