THE civil servant who led the investigation into the lockdown parties that took place in Downing Street has been given a Labour Party role by Sir Keir Starmer.

Sue Gray, who become well known when she investigated the partygate controversy that took place during the height of the pandemic, will become Labour's chief of staff.

She recently stepped down from the Cabinet Office and was expected to take a new role with the main opposition party.

It is not certain when Gray will take on her new role as her appointment will have to be checked by the watchdog that oversees new roles for former ministers and senior civil servants.

The National: (PA) Sue Gray oversaw the partygate investigations in 2022(PA) Sue Gray oversaw the partygate investigations in 2022 (Image: PA)

Who is partygate investigator Sue Gray as she is appointed Labour chief of staff?

Before becoming a household name with her scathing review of the conduct of senior politicians and party organisers during the pandemic, she held other key roles.

She was the head of propriety and ethics in the Cabinet Office from 2012 to 2018 where she gained a fearsome reputation for overseeing ministerial behaviour.

News that Gray could be given a major role in the Labour Party by Keir Starmer was reported by Sky News on Wednesday.

Gray is the daughter of Irish immigrant parents while her son Liam Conlon is the chair of Labour's Irish society.

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She has played a leading role in ethics and behaviour in government for the best part of a decade and become a huge name in 2022 when leaked photos showed senior ministers, including then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson breaking their own Covid-19 restrictions.

Gray was then appointed to oversee the investigation and released findings revealing that discipline and standards were not up to par.