MANY MPs could be spotted wearing yellow daffodils at PMQs today.

What are they for?

The daffodils are for St David’s Day – which celebrates the patron saint of Wales. 

Many Welsh people wear the symbol to celebrate and many MPs joined the tradition today.

Why a daffodil? 

It is the national flower of Wales and, according to This Is Wales, the means by which it came into Welsh culture is "something of a mystery". 

It's Welsh name, cenhinen Bedr, literally translates as "Peter's leek" with leeks having been a symbol of the country since before the sixteenth century. 

They tend to come into bloom around St David's Day.

What happened at PMQs?

The main topic at PMQs on Wednesday was the Northern Ireland protocol. Following the agreement and Rishi Sunak's subsequent comments on access to the EU's single market, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn asked the PM why this was being "denied" to the rest of the UK. 

Meanwhile, Labour leader Keir Starmer clashed with Sunak over rising energy bills as he called for a stronger windfall tax as energy companies bring in record profits.