AN A-List actor with credits including Star Trek and American Horror Story surprised staff and patrons at a Skye restaurant this weekend.

Heroes star Zachary Quinto, who has had a prolific film and television career for two decades, showed up at Edinbane Lodge on the island.

“A pleasure to cook for Zachary Quinto at Edinbane Lodge over the weekend,” staff revealed on social media.

“The Hollywood A-lister, most famous for playing Spock in Star Trek and Sylar in Heroes. Long live and prosper!”

Those who'd been in attendance were excited to reveal the experience.

"Ever so slightly cool. I hope he enjoyed it as much as we did!" said Mark Barker.

"Loved Heroes, wish it would come back," added Heather Mackinnon.

It is not thought that Quinto has been filming while visiting Skye.