A TORY MSP has accused Nicola Sturgeon of “sassy diva” behaviour – claiming she clicked her fingers at Humza Yousaf to silence him.

Glasgow MSP Sandesh Gulhane shared a video of the First Minister making a hand gesture he said was aimed at the SNP leadership hopeful in Parliament on Thursday.

As Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar spoke about hospital waiting times, the Health Secretary could be seen speaking to the First Minister as she nodded.

She then raised her hand and made an indecipherable gesture and, at which point, Yousaf stopped talking.

Gulhane shared a clip of the incident on Twitter with the caption: “The click that says, ‘Shush … enough of your drivel !”

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The clip featured Wikipedia’s “definition” of finger snapping, framing the footage.

It reads: “Finger snapping at someone has long been used as a sassy diva gesture, done to express a taunting satisfaction following what one has considered to be an impressive insult or diss.”

Yousaf is viewed as the Sturgeon continuity candidate in the SNP leadership race, with his opponents Kate Forbes and Ash Regan more critical of current party lines.

During First Minister’s Questions on Thursday, Douglas Ross said Yousaf was not “even up to the job he's got at the moment”.

Sturgeon hit back at Ross and said he was “sounding pretty scared” of Yousaf.

She said: “Let me just reflect on this fact - in the eight years that I have been First Minister, the people of Scotland have had no fewer than eight opportunities to cast the verdict on me, my party and my government.

“And in every single one of these eight opportunities, the people of Scotland have rejected the Conservatives and put their trust in me, my country, and my government and I have every confidence in Humza or whoever succeeds me as leader of the SNP will continue that record of success.”