WHY is Scotland, an energy rich nation, facing a horrendous cost-of-living crisis and the worst decline in living standards on record?

What kind of renewables potential does Scotland have, and how could Scotland’s people benefit from its use – both through environmental advantages and fair distribution of profits?

Where have the profits from Scotland’s oil gone, and how do we stop history from repeating itself with the rest of our natural resources?

These are the questions we aim to answer in our major new McCrone Report series, launching on Monday 27 and running until Friday, March 3.

What is the series about?

We all know the story of the McCrone Report by now. Some 49 years ago, the PM received a report on the astonishing wealth of Scotland’s oil – which was hushed up for decades to suppress independence support.

We’re publishing that report in full again, but going further. We’re digging into exactly how that squandering of oil wealth harmed us – to the extent that its ramifications are felt in the cost-of-living crisis – and how the UK Government threatens Scotland’s ability to move to net zero.

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We’ll have data-driven content tracking exactly how the UK wasted Scotland’s resources, while small countries like Norway thrived.

We’ll be talking to experts on Norway’s sovereign wealth fund and community energy ownership to explore the possibilities available to our country.

We’ll be focusing on the human, and environmental, impact of the energy crisis – and how independence can help ease that suffering.

And most important we’re thinking about solutions. What can we learn from our small-nation neighbours? How can moving away from the private energy model benefit Scots? And exactly what has the Union got to do with all of this?

It's all free!

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On top of that, we’ll have a special edition of our Holyrood Weekly podcast to tell the story, plus a one-off Worst of Westminster newsletter special totally devoted to how the UK squandered Scotland’s energy potential.

There will be daily livestreams from our journalists across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, explaining the research and data, and lots of easily digestible TikTok content – telling this massive story in shareable clip-form.

No other news title in Scotland, or the UK, is going to tell this story, and we want to make sure it can be read by as many people as possible.

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