NUNS living in a convent in Dumbarton were left in fear as almost a dozen young people kicked their door and egged their windows last week.

The Sisters in the Camerlite Convent in Craigend House, Cardross Road, approached The Dumbarton Reporter after a series of attacks that saw them reluctantly call police to try to tackle the problem.

They reported hearing screaming and yelling outside the convent, repeated kicking the door, and ringing at the doorbell.

They also witnessed eggs being thrown at windows, glass being broken on the avenue, and a fence was knocked down related to a neighbouring development.

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The eight Sisters said up to 10 young people also tresspassed in the private garden area and around the building, and were a "threat" to anyone wanting to drive on the road leading to the convent.

Trouble started around 4.30-5pm last Tuesday and there was further harassment on Thursday.

Sister Allain Docherty, prioress, said the gang came from the Brucehill direction and she hoped by drawing attention to what happened, that parents and teachers would urge children not to harass them.

She said: "I don't think it's right that we should be subjected to this.

"We have not had this kind of threats before. It was really bad. They were so high and so wild.

"The door they were kicking was the back kitchen door and we really wondered if they would kick it down."

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They phoned police around 8pm on February 14 and officers arrived from Helensburgh half an hour later, by which time the youngsters had moved down the road.

Police confirmed they were called to attend the scene over youths and antisocial behaviour. They said their community policing team would speak directly to the convent to identify and disrupt the behaviour.

Sister Docherty said they eventually closed the curtains hoping ignoring the youths would make them leave.

But they then found egg on the window. There is CCTV at the site and some photos were taken during the incidents.

"The avenue up to us is not well lit," she said. "We have a sister here normally leaving in the evening but she wouldn't have been able to get past them.

"We just don't know what to do. What can be done?"