A NEW poll predicts Yes parties will command a substantial 23-seat majority in the Scottish Parliament.

The research, carried out by Savanta after Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation announcement, found the Scottish Greens would more than double their previous result, with a projected 16 MSPs.

That is expected to be the same total as the Scottish Conservatives – which would be a humiliating blow to Douglas Ross’s party, who currently have 31 MSPs.

Meanwhile, the SNP were projected to pick up 60 seats – dropping just four, which the modelling suggested would be mostly picked up by Scottish Labour, who were put on course for 30 seats.

This would take Anas Sarwar's party back to their status as the second-biggest in Scotland, while leaving them far short of a majority.

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In the first-past-the-post constituency vote, the survey said the SNP would pick up 43% of the vote and 32% of the regional list vote.

The research was carried out between February 15 to 17, meaning the work commenced on the same day Sturgeon resigned.

And it found good news for the LibDems – putting them on course to increase their numbers in Holyrood from four to seven MSPs.

Greens MSP Ross Greer welcomed the poll on Twitter, writing: “First poll conducted after Nicola's announcement. Current [Scottish Government] maintains a very comfortable majority, including a record SIXTEEN Green MSPs.”