THE SNP have criticised the BBC after it “uninvited” a representative of the party to appear on Question Time even though the top story was the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon.

Last night’s episode of the long-standing BBC programme was filmed in Rugby, which has had a Conservative MP for more than 10 years.

On the panel were Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, Tory minister Robert Jenrick, and three journalists: the Spectator’s Lionel Shriver, Private Eye editor Ian Hislop, and the National’s own columnist Ruth Wishart.

However, noticeably absent was any member of the SNP.

According to SNP president Michael Russell, the BBC had initially invited a member of the party to appear on the show – only to later uninvite them.

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He also criticised the portion of the show where Fiona Bruce asked for a show of hands in the audience over whether they supported Scottish independence.

Speaking to The National he said: "The BBC needs to get a grip of Question Time - their flagship programme has totally lost the plot.

"Inviting the SNP on and then uninviting us is a bizarre stunt to pull and one that utterly fails audiences in Scotland.

"Especially this week, and they predictably led with a pre-picked question from the floor about First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Scottish independence.

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"The host asking for a show of hands-on support for independence when in Warwickshire was nothing short of ridiculous."

Tom French, the head of the SNP's Westminster press office, also took to social media to express his displeasure at the choice not to include a pro-independence politician on the panel.

He tweeted: “Absurd that @bbcquestiontime refused to have an SNP representative on the panel, despite being offered an SNP MP, and still went ahead with this discussion anyway.

“Whatever happened to balance and impartiality at the BBC?”

The BBC was approached for comment.