NICOLA Sturgeon has responded to Gary Tank Commander’s hilarious bid to become Scotland’s next leader.

It comes after tennis star Andy Murray tweeted about the “interesting vacancy” following her resignation announcement on Wednesday morning.

In a video posted on Twitter, Gary McLintoch (played by actor Greg McHugh) outlined his case for being the next first minister.

He promised not to “put up with anything” from “muppets down south”, saying he would tell them to “shut up and listen to Gary”.

He said: “So my name’s Gary, I’m a tank commander, I work for a company called the army and the reason I think I should be the new first minister is that I honestly believe I’m amazing.

“And that, ken that way, it’s just like that’s who you need is someone who’s genuinely amazing that walks into a room and folk are like ‘who is that’ and they’re like ‘that’s Gary, he’s amazing.

“And I think if you’ve got that, which I have, you can just learn the rest because that’s what it’s about.”

Sturgeon retweeted the video and said: “First @andy_murray and now @GARYTANK – my decision not to endorse a successor is coming under strain…"

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Popular Scottish sitcom Gary: Tank Commander ran for three seasons and a special from 2008 to 2016 on the BBC.

Gary continued: “I walk into a room and George Biden and it’s like, he stands up, he’s all frail and then he’s like ‘who’s that guy, he looks amazing’.

“Aw that’s Gary, he’s the first minister of Scotland and then he runs, well he can’t run over, but he eventually comes over and he’s like we should work together and that, ken like Scotland and America and that’s just one example of what I could do.”

He rounded off the video by reminding everyone to “vote Gary” for an “amazing Scotland”.