SCOTTISH comedian Janey Godley is well-known for giving the First Minister the voice-over treatment.

Her videos have long delighted social media users and Nicola Sturgeon herself has admitted she is a big fan.

They provided light relief for many during the Covid-19 pandemic and, following Sturgeon’s resignation yesterday, Godley didn’t disappoint in providing a voiceover detailing the FM’s retirement plans.

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Here’s a brief history of the relationship between the two.

Who is Janey Godley?

Brought up in the east end of Glasgow before beginning a comedy career later in life, Godley became a regular at the Edinburgh Fringe.

She has also appeared as a panellist on shows such as BBC Radio Scotland’s Breaking the News and BBC One’s Have I Got News for You.

Godley also appeared as an actress in the show Traces and has performed with The National Theatre of Scotland.

What does Nicola Sturgeon think about Janey Godley?

Sturgeon was previously asked by Original 106 FM what she made of Godley given that she is one of the comedian’s favourite people to impersonate.

The First Minister described her as a “brilliant comedian” and that her voiceovers are “very funny”.

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She continued: “The really clever thing she’s doing with them right now (2020) is making people laugh, but she’s also – if you listen to them carefully – she’s getting the key message across very, very powerfully.

“So if humour helps us to make people understand what they should be doing right now then it’s all well and good so I think she’s doing a really good job on that front.”

What are the voiceovers?

Filled with very strong language, Godley’s hilarious voiceovers use a clip of Sturgeon in which the comedian says what she is “really” thinking.

Here’s a classic example of a voiceover recorded during one of Sturgeon’s Covid press briefings.

Yesterday, she shared her take on what the First Minister might get up to after she leaves the post.

“People have been asking what I’m going to do with my spare time well you know how you’ve seen cruising with Jane McDonald, well I’ve decided tae dae caravanning with Nicola Sturgeon.”

Many of Godley’s voiceovers ended with, “Frank, get the door!”

Sturgeon responded to yesterday’s clip on Twitter, saying: “Thanks to Frank for his door service over the years.. and to the wonderful @JaneyGodley for always making me laugh, even in the toughest times.”

What did Godley say about the resignation?

Like many well-known Scots, including Andy Murray and Martin Compston, Godley also took the time to praise Sturgeon for her time in office.

She said: “Frank is getting the door for Nicola for the last time today, hope you have a good time down at the caravan – you’ve earned the rest.”

Covid advert row

Godley was at the centre of a row which led to her being dropped from a Scottish Government Covid awareness campaign after historic “racist” posts were unearthed from her Twitter account.

The comedian issued a number of apologies after describing her own posts as “offensive and hurtful”.

Many social media users had criticised her language towards disabled people, Chernobyl victims and black celebrities.

“I have to stand up and own my offensive hurtful language and apologise, they have terrible, horrific undertones and I deserve all the criticism that comes my way.”

It later emerged that Sturgeon had been warned that using Godley to front the Covid information campaign carried “some risk”.