ONLY a third of the public believes the UK Government is running the country properly, ­competently and seriously, ­according to a new poll.

Just 32% of people told pollster Ipsos they had confidence that the Government was running the ­country properly, while 30% said they thought the country was being run with integrity.

Almost two-thirds of people said the country was not being run ­properly, competently, seriously or with integrity.

These figures represent a ­significant improvement since October when Liz Truss was prime minister and only 21% thought the country was being run competently, but are only slightly better than they were when Boris Johnson resigned in July.

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Ipsos carried out the poll of 2100 British adults between February 3 and 5, shortly after former ­chancellor Nadhim Zahawi was sacked as ­Conservative Party chair for breaching the ministerial code.

The poll also found increasing ­pessimism about Prime Minister ­Rishi Sunak’s chances of leading the Conservatives to victory at the next General Election.

Some 62% of people said they thought it was unlikely he would win re-election, while 57% doubted that he would be able to unite his party.

Both figures have increased since November, just after Sunak took ­office when 55% said they did not think he would win the next election and 41% thought he would be unable to unite the Tories.

Gideon Skinner, head of ­political research at Ipsos, said: “After a brief recovery, the public are ­returning to their earlier view that the ­Conservatives are unlikely to win the next election under Rishi Sunak – much as they felt towards the end of Boris Johnson’s reign, although there is a bit more optimism for the party’s chances than under Liz Truss.

“Most also doubt that the ­Government is living up to his aim of running the country properly, competently and seriously – again an improvement from under Liz Truss, but not much better than under Boris Johnson.”

The poll also found that the ­public trusted Labour leader Sir Keir ­Starmer to tell the truth more than the Prime Minister.

The National:

Some 37% of people said they ­trusted ­Starmer to tell the truth all or most of the time, while 29% said the same about Sunak.

Conversely, 26% thought ­Starmer told the truth never or not very often, while 38% said the same about the Prime Minister.

Trust in former prime minister Johnson remains low, with only 15% of people saying they thought he told the truth all or most of the time, and 30% of people saying they thought he never told the truth.

Skinner said: “The Prime ­Minister’s personal ratings on trust have actually improved slightly since the time of the August leadership campaign, and on this measure, he is well ahead of his predecessor ­Boris Johnson. But his ratings are still negative overall, and Keir Starmer is more trusted.”