The National:

SCOTS comic Janey Godley has revealed what Nicola Sturgeon plans to do next after she announced plans to step down as First Minister.

The SNP leader told a press conference on Wednesday that she would be quitting the role at the head of the Scottish Government after more than eight years, saying the decision had come after a deep and long-term assessment of her resilience.

The news has sparked frantic speculation about who could replace her, as well as what Sturgeon will do next.

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To answer the question, Janey Godley has produced one of her classic voiceovers of the First Minister – which became a staple during the pandemic.

“People have been saying, what are you going to do with your spare time now Nicola,” Godley-Sturgeon said.

“Well I’ll tell you what I’m going to do … I have decided to do Caravanning with Nicola Sturgeon. It’ll be brilliant. We’ll hit all the high spots, Largs, Arbroath.

“I love a caravan. It’s a two berth, sleeps nine.

“And I’m going to take up budgieing. I don’t like dugs so I’m going to start breeding budgies. Who knew that was a thing.”

But if that doesn’t work, Sturgeon’s plans reportedly involve a Zumba group …

“At the end of the day, there’s lots for me to be getting on with,” she says, before finishing with the famous catchphrase: “Frank, get the door!”

Whether those are really Sturgeon’s plans for retirement is another question.

But the First Minister did say of Godley’s voiceovers in 2020: “She must have an insight into what I was really thinking.”