POLLING has shown that Scots believed Nicola Sturgeon did a good job for most of her tenure as First Minister.

The latest survey from YouGov, conducted in December, showed 52% of Scots believed she was performing well in the role.

This was compared to 39% who believed she was doing badly.

Historically, data shows the First Minister was received strongly from the beginning of 2015, shortly after taking over from Alex Salmond, and spring 2017 as well as from late 2019 to the latest poll.

Her worst performance period came in between spring 2017 and late 2019 when an equal number of Scots felt she was doing well and doing badly.

The National: For most of her time in office, Scots felt the FM performed wellFor most of her time in office, Scots felt the FM performed well (Image: YouGov)

However, while there is not a more recent well/badly poll than December 2022, a favourability survey released in January showed Sturgeon’s rating falling to 44% favourable from 50% in early October, following the row over trans prisoner Isla Bryson. 

Sturgeon has faced questions over several polls recently with a Panelbase survey for The Sunday Times finding that 42% of respondents thought she should stand now while 45% said she should remain as First Minister.

The same data showed that just over three-quarters (76%) of SNP voters and 72% of Yes voters said they wanted her to remain.

Asked about the polls during a press conference earlier this month, she said: "I've been doing this for a long time now, as you all know. I've seen polls go up, I've seen polls go down. 

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"What I would say about recent polling over the weekend is what I think you are, and I stress it's your words, not mine, describing as 'not the best ever poll for the SNP' still puts the SNP significantly ahead of any other party in Scotland.

"And in a Westminster context lead to both Douglas Ross and Alister Jack losing their seats. 

"So, you know, I think perhaps that gives a bit of perspective to the polls that you're asking me about."