The National:

SCOTS living in the Highlands are used to having to pay more for delivery – but the latest quote seen by the Jouker really takes the biscuit.

Normally, people in the Highlands and Islands could expect to pay around 21% more on postal charges than those living in the south, according to Scottish Government research from 2020.

So asking someone to pay around 850% more might be considered a little outrageous. But that is just what happened to one unlucky Scot.

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The Jouker was contacted by a person living in Oban in the market for a new bathroom mirror. They’d found one they wanted on sale with the popular retailer Victorian Plumbing – which is the UK's largest bathroom retailer and based in Lancashire – and went to place the order.

However, they were quoted a staggering £189.98 for delivery to the Scottish town – for a mirror costing £289.95. Even more staggering, that was their "most cost-effective" option.

The National:

The potential customer checked the estimate against delivery to Cumbernauld, which was quoted at just £19.94.

The Jouker was told that while they are used to paying for higher delivery due to living in Oban, this was “the most ridiculous yet”.

The National:

It does say on the Victorian Plumbing website that postal charges may be higher for people in “Remote Areas” such as the Highlands, Grampian, and Northern Ireland…

Handily, Victorian Plumbing says it can help out “if you are unsure if you live in a remote area or not”.

When contacted by the Jouker, the firm said that after looking into the quote they found a “misclassification for the delivery type”. The price quoted should have been just £17.95.

A spokesperson said the error has now been sorted.