THE SNP have rejected a "wholly inaccurate" report that 30,000 members have abandoned the party.

Denying the claim, first made in the Sunday Mail, the SNP told The National the figure is wrong "by about 30,000".

The newspaper cited an SNP source who suggested that members are quitting over the Scottish Government's recent gender reforms bill.

They said: "This is a real and deepening crisis for the SNP and Sturgeon ­personally.

READ MORE: SNP reject 'wholly inaccurate' report that 30,000 members have quit party

“Her gender reforms are hugely unpopular because the perception is that they can ­easily be abused by sexual predators. She now looks out of touch at best and incoherent at worst when trying to defend the policy.

“We are seeing thousands of members leaving – some ­estimates are saying as many as 30,000 – because they are completely disillusioned.”

But a party spokesperson denied the claim, saying it was off by a factor of 10.

The SNP said: “The 30,000 figure that was reported is not just flat wrong, it’s wrong by about 30,000.

"As the SNP clearly stated when asked, fewer than 300 members have left the party over the period and they have been replaced by the same number of new members.

"This story is both malicious and wholly inaccurate. Fortunately, few people are gullible enough to believe it.”

The National:

The Alba Party claimed that a number of former SNP members had been switching to their party instead, citing gender reforms as the reason.

Recent polling has suggested Scots have mixed opinions about gender reforms in the country.

A Savanta ComRes survey found most Scots believe it should be easier for a trans person to change gender.

But it also found Scots reject a number of specific proposals in the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

The reforms would allow trans people to obtain a gender recognition certificate (GRC) without the need for a medical diagnosis.

The bill would also allow 16 and 17-year-olds to apply for a GRC for the first time, and reduce the amount of time a person has to live in their acquired gender before they can be granted the document.

The Scottish Tories have accused Nicola Sturgeon of being out of touch with the public over her government's gender bill.

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The SNP hit back at the party saying that the First Minister remains Scotland's most popular party leader.

"Polls also clearly show people across Scotland have no confidence in the Tory Party or their leadership – whether it be the unelected Tory Prime Minister Rishi Sunak or his lackey, Douglas Ross," a spokesperson said.

Sunday Times polling found 45% of Scottish voters want Sturgeon to remain as FM, while 42% want her to resign.

Other polling also showed a lack of majority support for the SNP's de facto independence plans.