LIBEL proceedings have been brought against new deputy Tory chairman Lee Anderson. 

London law firm Bindmans LLP has launched a case against the Ashfield MP over "defamatory allegations" posted online.

Anderson is said to have "made defamatory allegations of bribery against Michael Hollis" who runs a food bank.

The MP claimed in a Facebook post to 35,000 followers that brown envelopes of cash changed hands for a planning application by a now "outraged" Hollis.

Anderson was controversially made deputy chair of the Tory party last week despite becoming widely known as "30p Lee", as he tried to suggest meals could be cooked from scratch for this price.

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He claimed that there wouldn’t be such a widespread need for food banks if people knew how to “cook properly". 

Bindmans LLP said: "“On February 1, 2023, Mr Anderson made defamatory allegations of bribery against a local man, Michael Hollis, who runs a food bank charity.

"Mr Anderson claimed in a Facebook post published to his 35,000 followers that money had changed hands in brown envelopes in relation to a planning application made by Mr Hollis.

“Mr Hollis is outraged by this allegation and, after Mr Anderson refused to remove his post, has taken the first steps towards a libel claim against him.

“Mr Hollis is represented by Tamsin Allen, of Bindmans LLP.”