FUNDING from the Scottish Government is set to transform vacant and derelict sites across Scotland.

The Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme has awarded 15 projects a share of £10 million.

This includes £2.4 million for a derelict site that was once central to Glasgow’s shipbuilding industry: the Govan Graving Docks.

The docks were once used for the final painting and repair of vessels but have lain empty for more than 40 years.

The funding aims to upgrade the riverside walkway and create green space on the site by 2025, which it is hoped will attract investment from businesses, reverse biodiversity loss, and transform the derelict land into a visitor attraction.

Further restoration of the historic dockyard will see it used for repairing heritage vessels, while a footbridge linking the site to neighbouring visitor destinations including the Glasgow Science Centre is planned once private sector funding is secured.

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Other successful projects include the creation of a community learning campus on the site of a former colliery in Midlothian and the decontamination of former military land at Cromarty Firth, which will enable the construction of 93 affordable homes.

Speaking at the Govan Graving Docks, Community Wealth Minister Tom Arthur said: “Neglected sites are often found in more disadvantaged settings and can become no-go areas or hamper community development. By targeting long-standing vacant and derelict land we can ensure that investment reaches the areas that need it most.

“The Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme helps attract private investment to locations which have lain dormant for years. It also supports low carbon developments, helping Scotland reach net zero by 2045 and grow an economy that is greener, fairer and more prosperous."

Deputy leader of Glasgow City Council Richard Bell said he hoped the funding from the Scottish Government would act as a “catalyst” to attract further investment.

He said: “The Govan Graving Docks is a unique site in Glasgow, offering both a glimpse of the city’s past and a view into a future where we realise the potential of this remarkable Clydeside location.

“The very welcome announcement of £2.4 million funding from the Vacant and Derelict Land Investment Programme will allow work to dramatically improve the appearance of the site, create new public green space to be co-designed by the local community, and improve access and connections to Glasgow Science Centre.

“The support announced today will hopefully act as a catalyst for future funding and the development of further stages in the regeneration of the Graving Docks.”

A list of all the projects to receive funding through the scheme can be found here.