BALLOT Box Scotland has announced it will run a “skeleton service” for the rest of the month due to the level of homophobia in Scottish politics.

The popular polling aggregate service, run by Allan Faulds, said the account will scale down operations “as a matter of self-preservation”.

The elections and polling account, which launched in 2018, said the treatment of the LGBT community in Scottish politics is the worst it has been in more than a decade.

Announcing the move on Twitter, Ballot Box Scotland said: “Awaiting tables for full reporting on most recent poll, but as a matter of self-preservation, I'll be running BBS on a minimal basis for most of this month, at the very least. The usual things will be reported, but mostly quite light touched.

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“Ballot Box Scotland may be a poll aggregating and election project, but it's run by a human being. It's a one man job, specifically a one gay man job. In the nearly 12 years since I came out Scottish politics has never been as openly homophobic and queerphobic as it is right now.”

The account said what used to be “rarely voiced prejudices” have become emboldened in recent years, adding that the US and wider UK followed similar trends.

The National: Some have warned that recent debates over gender in Scotland has led to more abuse online directed at Scotland's LGBT communitiesSome have warned that recent debates over gender in Scotland has led to more abuse online directed at Scotland's LGBT communities

He continued: “Every day I log onto this website, I see fellow gay and bi men being called "paedophiles" and "groomers", which is hateful and dangerous.

“As a matter of managing my own mental health, I need to limit exposure. I'm in a better place than I have been for years but this atmosphere, whipped up by media and indeed politicians, threatens that. I have to see a lot of this stuff to cover polling, but trying to minimise it.

“Queer people aren't inanimate objects for debate. We're living, breathing human beings, and right now I'm really scared of the backlash against us. I didn't think this could happen, but it is, and it's even making me afraid to run this project which otherwise brings me great joy.”

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The post drew support from across the political spectrum, with Labour MSP Monica Lennon thanking Faulds for the work he has done through Ballot Box Scotland.

She tweeted: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Audre Lorde Thank you @BallotBoxScot for all that you do. It’s appreciated across the political divide. Sending solidarity and strength.”

Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton also tweeted his support for the aggregator: “This is a sad reflection of the level of public debate in some corners of Scottish social media right now. Sending solidarity your way BBS. Your work is hugely appreciated.”