MANY people will see King Charles opening up his Scottish properties as “warm spaces” as nothing more than a "token PR stunt", a republican campaign group has said.

It emerged last week the monarch is planning to welcome people “who cannot afford to heat their homes” to use two of his grand Scottish properties to keep cosy once a week.

The initiative run by The Prince’s Foundation will see people struggling with the cost of living crisis welcomed into Dumfries House in Ayrshire and the Castle of Mey in Caithness.

But Our Republic has said many people will not see it as a genuine attempt to help the vulnerable, especially with the King demanding a glamourous coronation.

Convener Tristan Gray told The National: “During a cost of living crisis we welcome any and all attempts to help those in desperate need of help, even Charles Windsor.

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“Although, we would note that the house is only being opened for a couple of hours in the morning. This is a much smaller commitment than hundreds of community centres up and down the country who are far more deserving of our focus and support. 

“A cynical person may see this as little more than a token PR stunt instead of any sort of genuine attempt to help people who are suffering at this time, especially coming on the heels of both he and his son visiting a food bank without bringing food, despite being more than able to and especially when he has demanded a flamboyantly golden coronation he may wish to try and deflect criticism from.

“We know the scale of the accommodation and wealth he has that is not being tapped helping those in need.”

Free hot drinks, biscuits and soup will be provided at the properties and participants are encouraged to bring books, games or knitting with them for the two hours they are permitted to be on the property.

At Dumfries House, the so-called "Winter Warmers sessions" will be held on Wednesdays starting from February 8. Guests can turn up between 10am and midday and no booking is required.