NADINE Dorries has called Nicola Sturgeon “chippy Nicky” in the bizarre debut of her new chat show on Talk TV.

During the programme, which heavily featured an interview with Boris Johnson, Dorries asked the former prime minister who he would rather be stuck in a lift with: Keir Starmer or Nicola Sturgeon.

He replied: “It’s like all these things, and I’m sure the viewers would understand, both individuals are actually far nicer and more amusing than you might otherwise imagine.

“Provided it wasn’t fifty floors, I wouldn’t mind either.”

However, while Johnson did not provide a specific opinion on Scotland’s First Minister, Dorries took her own opportunity to do so.

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After Boris Johnson had revealed that his favourite pastime was drawing cows, Dorries forced her in-studio guests – journalists Sebastian Payne and Charlotte Ivers and former Labour adviser Scarlett Maguire – to mimic his pastime by drawing some of the bovine figures themselves.

During the segment Maguire said that she wouldn’t mind being stuck in a lift with Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer or Nicola Sturgeon.

In response, Nadine Dorries said: “Well one is very charming, one is super intelligent and one is just chippy. Chippy Nicky.”

The show also hinted at Dorries desire to receive a nomination to the House of Lords when producers brought a bottle of wine onto the set.

A close-up revealed it to be a £27 bottle of Rupert & Rothschild’s Baroness Nadine chardonnay.