THE National's new weekly podcast takes a deep dive into the sacking of Nadhim Zahawi, the biggest strike action seen in the UK in decades, and the third anniversary of Brexit.

Political reporters Abbi Garton-Crosbie and Steph Brawn are joined by Editor Laura Webster to discuss the biggest stories inside and outside of the Scottish Parliament.

Are we seeing scandal fatigue amongst the UK public as yet another Tory minister, and former chancellor, was sacked for breaking the ministerial code SEVEN times?

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Should SNP politicians who disagree with Scotland's gender reforms quit the party and stand as an independent? SNP MP Alyn Smith suggested so this week, with colleague Joanna Cherry rejecting his suggestion. 

We spoke to John Mason, one of the nine SNP MPs who rebelled against the bill during Stage three, and Emma Roddick, who supported the legislation, for their view on whether or not politicians who ran on a manifesto commitment to gender reform should face repercussions for breaking the government whip. 

The National: Nadhim Zahawi was sacked by Rishi Sunak for breaching the ministerial codeNadhim Zahawi was sacked by Rishi Sunak for breaching the ministerial code

Our journalists also discuss and analyse the latest FMQs clash between Nicola Sturgeon and Douglas Ross, as the row around trans prisoners continues to rumble on and bring you up to date on all the latest around the story of Isla Bryson. 

The show will be available to listen to on the Omny streaming platform, Spotify and The National’s website each Friday. You can hear Episode 3 below.