MICHELLE Mone claimed Albert Einstein lived in the same house as her in Glasgow – despite him never living in the city.

The Tory peer made the extraordinary claim in an unearthed home tour video with Hello magazine in 2013.

A spokesperson for Mone called The National’s enquiry into the matter “pathetic” but was unable to provide evidence for her assertion.

They instead linked to two Glasgow Live articles about Einstein visiting Glasgow and threatened legal action should we print anything “that defames the character of Baroness Mone OBE”.

It is not thought Einstein, the German physics genius best known for his theory of relativity, ever lived in the city – though he visited to accept an honorary degree from Glasgow University in 1933.

Einstein is said to have been hosted by surgeon and Glasgow University professor Archibald Young, who lived at 5 Park Gardens.

The house looks south out over Kelvingrove Park and is around 350 yards away from Mone’s former Scottish residence at 6 Park Circus, which she quit in 2015.

In the video, she said: “I feel like I’ve got a tiny part of history. It was built in 1871, it’s a Victorian townhouse – and Einstein lived here as well.

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“It was basically a building site, just empty rooms and you know, concrete everywhere.”

The Baroness, who grew up in the east end of Glasgow, is currently absenting herself from the Lords while she tries to “clear her name of the allegations” made against her in relation to a dud PPE contract to which she was reportedly linked.

She bought the home after her divorce from Michael Mone in 2011 but sold up in 2015. The MailOnline reported at the time she stood to gain at least £100,000 from the sale of the £1 million property.

A spokesperson for Mone said: “What a pathetic enquiry! Baroness Mone was told this by the developer … If anything is printed that defames the character of Baroness Mone OBE, she will take legal action.”

They sent a follow up email reading: "The statement that you will include in your article is as follows: 'In reply to your pathetic enquiry, Baroness Mone was informed by the developer that Einstein stayed in Park Circus. There are many press articles that back up these claims.'"

The spokesperson included two articles referring to Einstein having visited the plush Park Circus area of Glasgow but not having lived there.

Mone is facing questions over whether she profited from a £200m PPE contract during the pandemic, which saw unusable medical safety gear delivered to the NHS.

The Guardian reported Mone was linked with PPE Medpro, the company which provided the kit. She strongly denies she was involved in the company.