ORGANISERS of rallies across Scotland to mark the third Brexit anniversary have issued an update amid weather warnings.

A yellow weather warning for 80mph winds was issued on Monday.

Time for Scotland, organisers of the torch-lit procession and rally, said they will go ahead with their event at the Scottish Parliament tonight, despite the high winds.

Other rallies have either been moved indoors or cancelled. Dumfries announced on Monday that their event will now be moved to the Aberdoor Hotel and Orkney announced their rally was cancelled.

Time for Scotland has taken the decision to go ahead, after advice that the weather will largely be confined to northern and western Scotland.

Co-organiser Lesley Riddoch also sent out a tweet saying "Think it’s bunnets on for tonight’s #LightsOn rally." with a picture of her braving the gales.

The fully stewarded torch-lit procession will assemble at Pollock Halls of Residence from 5pm and set off at 5:30pm down the Galloping Glen of Holyrood Park towards the rally at Holyrood which starts at 6pm.

Two hundred torches have been pre-bought for the torchlight procession.

The hand-held torches, often used in Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations, will have a stunning impact in the darkness and give independence supporters the chance to walk with EU citizens, students and others harmed by Brexit.

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Walkers are asked to bring their own electric lights too – the torches extinguish after 45 minutes use. There will be a steel bin for their disposal at Holyrood and stewards present to ensure safety along the procession route. 

Meanwhile, Yes groups across Scotland are encouraging members to put lights on in the local landscape and in their own windows on Brexit Night.

The Edinburgh rally will be livestreamed by Indy Live on its YouTube channel here.