YOU can watch Val McDermid's message to Scots on the third anniversary of Brexit – one she would’ve delivered to tomorrow’s rally at the Scottish Parliament.

McDermid was invited to be a speaker at Tuesday night's rally but can't make it due to a prior commitment.

However, the award-winning crime writer is a dedicated member of Europe for Scotland and has shared the speech she would’ve given if she could make it to tomorrow’s rally.

In the two-minute video, she compares the similarities of Scotland and New Zealand, where she recently spent 4 months. She also touches on “the crucial difference” of the two nations.

McDermid says: “The crucial difference is they run their own affairs. Nobody tells them what to do, no one orders them around, they are an independent country.”

She reflects on watching from New Zealand “as UK politics tore itself apart in a bonfire of the vanities” and not knowing who prime minister would be when she woke up.

McDermid concludes by saying: “I don’t want to be in this forced marriage, I want to be in a country that is entitled to make its own unions – something like the EU – where people have consent, can choose to leave as Brexit as shown, and a union where we talk to each other, not order each other about.”

The author writes articles for Europe for Scotland, as well as taking part in Q&A’s with newspapers across the continent who wish to discuss Scottish independence.

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The procession will gather at the roundabout inside Holyrood Park, by the Pollock Halls of Residence from 5pm. The crowd will then set off down the Galloping Glen at 5:30pm to reach the rally outside the Parliament where Alyn Smith will kick off proceedings at 6pm.